Christabel Boat Trips

Boat Trips From Ramsgate Kent, Inshore and Deep Sea Fishing,

Wreck Fishing, Visit the Seals, Wind Farm Trips and Coastal Voyages.

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For Sat. Nav. systems you can use post code CT118LS House number 49

For Google maps use position N 51.2990393 E 1.3182214 or Ramsgate Maritime Museum

Parking Options

The closest parking to the boat is the East Cross wall car park shown on map below this does

get very busy especially in the summer months and you can't use ringgo there!

so I will have to get you a permit to park which costs £7 for the day.

It's also a good place to stop and unload your gear if you need to park in another spot!

Parking Spot 2 Second option is to use the Pier Yard car park which is at the beginning of the 

East Cross wall near Royal Victoria Pavilion in front of the Ramsgate Maritime Museum

the post code for which is CT118LS house number 49. Please make sure to use the ticket

machine on the right as you enter the car park! or you can use the Ringgo App. 3844

Parking Spot 3 if the Tides are favourable, you can drive along the green line shown on map below,

around the inner harbour past Ship Shape Cafe then past Harbour Bikes to the Sailor's Church.

Then turn left and left again around the end of the inner harbour to the West Cross Wall Car Park

The Ticket Machine is on the shed wall opposite Clarke & Carter Interyacht which is the grey square

North East of W cross wall car park1 or you can use the Ringgo App. 3845 it's then a very short walk

to the boat across the Bridge. (Route A to B on the map below)

Please only use marked parking spaces so as not to block access to Ramsgate Lifeboat Station !

Please phone me first as the Bridge needs to be down before we leave and after returning to Ramsgate.

If you want to work it out for yourself the bridge will be up roughly 2 hours before and

after high water so to be on the safe side high water needs to be between 10:15 and 13:45

you can check high water times with my Ramsgate Tide Chart

Parking Spot 4 Last resort is Leopold Street (Brown line on map) and park in the Royal Harbour Car Park

it's a 5 minute walk to the boat from there but it's not too bad if you have unloaded your gear

on the East cross wall and it's only the driver that needs to walk!!!

The ticket machines are on the same wall as the entrance on all floors

or again you can use the Ringgo App. 3840