Christabel Boat Trips

Boat Trips From Ramsgate Kent, Inshore and Deep Sea Fishing,

Wreck Fishing, Visit the Seals, Wind Farm Trips and Coastal Voyages.

Ramsgate Harbour is on the south eastern tip of Kent giving access to the Thames estuary and southern North sea.

My trips range from Herne Bay to the West, North to the Black deep, East out to the North Sandettie

and South down the English Channel to the Ridge and has access to many types of fishing grounds

From the chalk, soft mud and sand in the Thames estuary, to hard and rocky ground.

The sandy shale of the Falls, Varne and Ridge banks, and the mobile Goodwin sands

Wreck fishing is My specialty and I have access to over one hundred wrecks. Wreckfishing Gallery

Species caught on wrecks are Cod, Pollock, Ling, Bass, Bream, Coalfish, Mackerel, Gurnard and Pouting

on the drift and Conger at anchor depending on the time of year.

I also do some specialist fishing trips for Bass, Tope, Spurdog, Bream, Plaice, Brill and Turbot.

At the moment Tope, and Spurdog, are catch and release only! Also Bass are limited to keeping two fish per person!

To help you with the best days for various types of fishing I have made a calendar which you can access Here!!!


Tuesdays and Fridays


SEAL WATCH Please note!:-
 Leaving times need to be strictly adhered to.

Please see calendar at the bottom of seal-watch page

N/A£25 per personOne and a half hours approx.maximum 11 Persons
 phone for price as it depends on where and how fast
variablemaximum 11 Persons
WRECK FISHING Please note!:- only from beginning of March till end Sept.N/Aweekends and bank holidays £600 weekdays £5608-10 hrsideally max 8 anglers
INSHORE FISHINGTuesdays and Fridays £240 plus £40 per head over 6 people includes bait and tackle 12:00 till 16:00£360 for the boat if you have your own gear and bait or £60 per person including bait and tackle 08:00 till 16:00
8 hrsmax 9 anglers
SPECIALIST TRIP Please note!:- only from beginning of May till end of year.N/Aplease 07470490608
 phone for price as it depends on how far we will need to steam. 
As guidance a Tope fishing trip is £500 week days, £550 weekends.
8-10 hrsideally max 8 anglers
FISHING ROD HIRE :- Includes bait£10 please note!:- 8 Rods Max£10 please note!:- no rod hire on wreck fishing or specialist trips